Snapchats Of Dogs That Are Too Cute And Funny Not To Share

Snapchats of dogs have been making the rounds on the internet.  It may be one of the greatest thing the internet has blessed us with. You might have a love- hate relationship with dogs, it still can’t be denied that one hilarious or annoyingly cute photo of them can complete or make your day. I mean, who doesn’t love a good photo of a dog? Thousands of crazily funny and adorable snapchats of dogs can be seen online, and they’re just too priceless not to share!

  1. But, who would dare to ignore this cutie? You have all my attention, buddy!
The Attention Seeker/ErectileReptiles

2. At least give her decent eyebrows.

The Avenger/Unknown

3. She’s just surprised that you remembered.

The Shookt Dog/ Geoffbernier

4. Get you a man that looks at you the way this dog looks at that pizza. You can actually feel the craving in his eyes.

The Hungry Dog/ 

5. This would make the job 100% less stressful.

The Gardener/ emersonic420

6. I wonder if they’re communicating or not.

The Sacrificer/ Unknown

7. Oh, the longingness to be in the arms of the one you love.

The Longing Lover/ Unknown

8. These dogs ganging up on their brother is the kind of scene I would like to come home to. Kind of harsh, but kind of realistic, too.

The 2 Harsh Brothers and 1 Drowning Brother/ 

9. If it loves you, it will find its way back home.

The One That Got Away But Came Back/ Unknown

10. Oh, you clingy doge, you.

The Sneaky One/ Unknown

11. Caught off guard. Guess it wasn’t your suspicious brother after all.

The Lowkey Thief/ Unknown

12. Meaningful conversations with the dogs.

The Classy and The Not/ goldenretrieverbailey

13. Let this be a reminder whenever you try to buy things for your house.

The Beanbag Destroyers/ Unknown

14.  What is with dogs and branches?

The Branch Manager/  HavyWriter

15. This dog poses a lot better than the rest of us.

The Charmer/ Unknown

16. He holds it like it’s the true thing.

The Talkative Dog/ Unknown

17. A seal or a dog, this creature still looks cute.

The Seal Wannabie/ Unknown

18. This looks like a great decoration, with matching sounds.

The Mounted Dog/ 

19. This mother dog doesn’t seem so impressed with her new role.

The Unimpressed Mother/ 98900views

20. It looks a lot more than just playing with a tennis ball.

The Playful Dogs/  

21. The look on this dog totally contradicts the whole scene. It’s hilarious.

The Scaredy Ca…Um, Dog/  

22. Your husband has become one of them, too!

The Patient Ones/  

23. This might even be as good as the original painting.

The Dog Almighty/ Unknown

24. This dog is bringing sexy back.

The Sassy Dog/ 

25. It is very important for dogs to have good manners.

The Obedient Dog/ 

26. To be welcomed by these dogs is such a delight. Merged or not, they still look cute.

The Twins/ Unknown

27. Who knew dogs can be so flexible? First a seal, now a dinosaur?

The Dino-doggy/ Unknown

28. I wish I could fall soundly asleep anywhere, just like this dog.

The Sleepy Dog/ yetanotherperson

29. This dog braved the strong winds.

The One Who Loves The Wind/ Unknown

30. This is a hilarious disaster, to say the least.

The Flexible Dog/ Unknown

31. Dumbo, the dog version. I wonder if he can glide in the air, too, if his ears get bigger.

The Big-Eared Dog/  tree_dweller

32. The excitement of this dog is very contagious.

The Excited Dog/ Unknown

33. It sure hurts to waste a very pricey dog bed. But knowing that he’s comfortable just lying his head on it, downgrades the pain.

The Humble Dog/ Unknown

34. This dog sure seems a little bit too draggy.

The Lazy Dog/ Unknown