Morrisons Have Released A Shimmery Chocolate Orange Gin In Time For Christmas

It’s almost Christmas and ‘tis the season for all the shining, shimmering splendid. Yes, even our favorite alcoholic beverages deserve to get a shimmering treatment. Morrisons launches the Shimmery Chocolate Orange Gin which is basically the embodiment of the holiday spirit. This Christmas-themed gin liqueur features a perfect balance of zesty citrus flavor and rich, smooth chocolate sweetness. That mouthwatering combo sure sounds tempting.

We can already imagine ourselves having a blast on Christmas Eve as we relish every sip of this fruity-chocolatey gin liqueur.

morrisons shimmering chocolate orange gin

“We know our customers are on the lookout for chocolate and orange combinations over the festive period, so we’re excited to be able to offer this exciting new gin liqueur.”, Mike Kenny, Morrisons Spirits Buying Manager, said.

Apart from its festive flavor, it also looks the part too. This Shimmery Chocolate Orange Gin also contains bronze and gold edible glitters that make it shimmer when you shake it. It’s like a spectacular snow globe in the form of sweet gin.

shimmery chocolate orange gin

As with other gin liqueur, it has a slightly lower alcohol content compared to your usual hard liquors. It has 20% ABV from distilled gin infused with orange and chocolate flavors. It comes in a 50cl bottle and is now available on all Morrisons stores nationwide. But you have to be quick because they are quickly selling out.


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If you missed out the Shimmery Chocolate Orange Gin, you can opt for this Orange and Cacao Gin on Tesco instead. This particular gin liqueur doesn’t shimmer like the one on Morrisons. But it equally gives you that delightful flavor combination of citrus and chocolate.

sipsmith orange and cacao gin