Artist Transforms Precious Moments Dolls From Cute To Pure Creepy

and When you think about Precious Moments figurines, you think of charming children. You would never expect to see blood or gore. Unless you’re Keith Busher. He’s the artist behind Precious Mutations and the Instagram page @preciousmutator. And he is every Precious Moments collector’s nightmare.

Keith Busher literally mutates innocent Precious Moments characters into gruesome monsters straight from your worst nightmare. He showcases his work on his website and Instagram account. The side-by-side images feature the before-and-after of his work and it is simply… heart stopping.

precious moments mutations


“It began about seven years ago now as the father of two kids who watched entirely too many TV reruns,” he told Apartment Therapy. “I wanted to find something to spark their childish imagination.” He further explained that he wasn’t initially going to do this, because he didn’t want to upset anyone. But he found an antique shop that was about to get rid of a box full of Precious Moments… and it happened.

Kieth’s Creations Are What Nightmares Are Made Of.


If you want to own your very own Precious Mutation, you can check out his creations on his Etsy store. Be quick about it though, as Keith seems to be creating a new breed of Precious Moments collectors.


How exactly do the cute Precious Moments get their mutations?

To turn the innocent-faced Precious Moments figurine into a creature of darkness, Keith uses self-hardening clay and mostly recycled materials. You can watch the process on his Youtube channel.  It’s really, really satisfying!

Keith also points out that by upcycling ceramic figurines, he is helping the environment. Because ceramic cannot decompose, it’s better to simply upcycle and reuse these things.


In order to maintain his prices at a reasonable rate, Keith has opened a Patreon. You can support him here.

Source: Etsy | Youtube