There’s A Combination Bottle Lock That Prevents Others From Drinking The Good Stuff

While we believe that sharing is caring, we also can’t deny that there are some things that we just want to keep to ourselves. For instance, our beloved stash of booze. Unfortunately, it’s almost always the prime target of “thirsty thieves” in every household. Luckily, you can now get a combination bottle lock, so you can secure your precious wine bottles at home.

As the name suggests, this clever contraption allows you to lock your wine bottle with a three-digit password, pretty much like a suitcase! Aside from keeping your liquor safe from pesky booze burglars, it also prevents curious children from accidentally chugging it. Best of all, it helps preserve your wine by keeping the bottle sealed.

combination bottle lock


beverage bottle combination lock


This combination bottle lock keeps your booze safe from “thirsty thieves” at your household

beverage lid locker with code


wine cap locker with code


wine lid locker with code

Made of high-quality ABS plastic, the lock comes in a sleek black color, so it’s sure to complement even your most expensive bottles. It’s generally compatible with bottles with a mouth diameter between 26mm to 28mm. So, even if you’re not the alcoholic type, you can still use it for other bottled beverages like juices and sodas.

beverage cap locker dimension


beverage cap locker with code


wine bottle combination lock

The lock comes ready to use, with a default password of “000.” But of course, you may opt to change the password for better security. To reset the password, simply press and hold the silver button on top, then set your preferred password. Afterward, release the button to confirm your password change and start securing your prized boozy drinks! Now, you don’t have to worry even if you display your entire stash under your staircase.

beverage bottle combination lock parts


beverage bottle combination lock password reset


combination bottle lock set of three


Aside from personal use, this nifty bottle lock is also suitable for use in restaurants, hotels, and pubs. Likewise, it makes a great gift for your liquor-loving relatives and friends who aren’t keen on sharing their drinks.


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One happy customer wrote:

“Was easy to use. The lock was simple to set and it covers all thin bottles easily and locks. Perfect if you’re worried about teens having access. I was thinking about buying a locking liquor cabinet, but these are so much simpler.”

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