Hello Kitty Now Has Her Own Pasta And Tomato Sauce

Sanrio is adding a dash of adorable to our dining experience with this Hello Kitty pasta & tomato sauce. Earlier this year, Sanrio released a full grocery collection inspired by the world’s most beloved kitty in collaboration with World Market. And fans have been clearing their cupboards to make room for the delightfully delicious offerings ever since! This isn’t the first time that the iconic character’s taken an edible form. Fans have done it a thousand times over, but this is the first time we’re seeing it in artisanal pasta form!


spilled hello kitty pasta



The Hello Kitty pasta features the character’s iconic ribbon and face

Hello Kitty Pasta & Sauce


clear plastic packaging


“Add a dash of adorable to any dish with Hello Kitty pasta. With shapes inspired by the iconic character, these playful, organic noodles are easy to prepare and destined to delight.”

The Hello Kitty Pasta Noodles

Besides the fact that the noodles’ shapes are inspired by this timeless character, we’ve got a few more reasons to love it. First off, the noodles are made with organic wheat flour in Italy. The noodles are pretty substantial since they have to support the design after cooking. You don’t need fancy new techniques to get it ready either. All you need to do is boil it like you would normally do with regularly shaped noodles.

Hello Kitty Pasta being cooked


a plateful of cooked hello kitty pasta

The specially-shaped noodles are artisanally made in Napoli, Italy, so you know you’re definitely getting some authentic goodness! Each 17.64 ounce bag contains at least 9 servings, so if you’re planning to have a Hello Kitty-themed party, you’d better stock up! It’s currently available here.


You’ve never seen pasta sauce this cute

Hello Kitty Tomato Basil Italian Pasta Sauce

“Packaged in a jar adorned with the cultural icon Hello Kitty, this pasta creates a dinner the whole family will adore.”

If you’re like me, you probably make a fuss about pasta sauce. There are good sauces, there are so-so sauces, and there are god-tier pasta sauces. But now, with the introduction of the Hello Kitty pasta sauce, we may need to create a whole new category: the cute sauce! We couldn’t help but squeal upon seeing the image of Hello Kitty holding a huge, red tomato on the label. It looks like she picked the tomato herself and is proudly offering it to us! (We would never refuse.)

The product follows the classic Italian pasta sauce recipe that only uses vine-ripened tomatoes, a touch of basil, and some salt. It’s the perfect accouterments for your Hello Kitty pasta noodles. According to samplers, the sauce is very tasty and has a very fresh, authentic Italian taste. It’s low on sodium, but it definitely has a lot of flavor! You get 5 servings from every 19.6 ounce container. Currently available here.


Add a touch of delicious cuteness to your parties and casual dinners with the Hello Kitty pasta & tomato sauce

Hello Kitty Pasta in Pink Party Bowls


Hello Kitty pasta serving suggestion

This purrr-fect pasta and organic tomato sauce is great for any occasion. Sanrio is definitely making sure that little girls everywhere continue to love their adorable school girl kitten with this delicious offering. Serve this up for your Hello Kitty-loving darling and see her face light up with delight! But of course, you can also enjoy it for dinner, while you’re watching your favorite movie.




World Market’s Hello Kitty range doesn’t end with the pasta and tomato sauce

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Got the Hello Kitty Pasta Sauce from World Market Yesterday!!! ?????? They got more pasta, they sell the soda now, pez dispensers and have a new Aggretsuko Energy Drink called Liquid Rage!!! I was told that only select stores will carry the cookie jar and that store won’t sell it ? I was also told that they will sell the snack box like the one from Hot Topic!!! ?????? #hellokittypastasauce #hellokittypasta #worldmarkethellokitty #hellokittyworldmarket #hellokitty #sanrio #hellokittycollection #hellokittyobsession #hellokittyhugs #ilovehellokitty #hellokittyeverything #hellokittycollectible #sanriocollectible #hellokittyshop #hellokittyjunkie #hellokittylove #cutenessheaven

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To complete your gourmet experience, World Market also offers Hello Kitty brand soy sauce and olive oil! And of course, there’s a whole slew of sweets and drinks to choose from as well. There’s even a Hello Kitty  sparkling rosé in the collection and we bet it’ll pair nicely with the pasta meal! Kids can also enjoy some strawberry sodas, fizzy pops, and hot chocolate from this exclusive collaboration!



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