30 Funny Cat Jokes That Vet Clinics Put Up On Their Signs

You probably think you’ve survived the worst of life’s hardships. But if you haven’t tried bringing a cat to a vet then you haven’t experienced the worst just yet. Just as we hate going to the doctor, cats dislike going to the vet tenfold. But if you really want to give your kitty a healthy, long life then a regular visit to the vet is necessary. Luring them into their carrier and trying to calm them down during physical checkup, that is the epitome of a nightmare. The struggle of taking a cat to the vet is real. And vet clinics are fully aware of it. In order to ease the owner’s stress (and painful scratches), some vet clinics are putting up hilarious signs. And what could be better than some funny cat jokes that they can certainly relate to.

Despite their self-entitled behavior and unpredictable characteristics, cats have an irresistible charm that makes them so adorable. They may be finicky and moody at times but these traits are what make them unique from other domestic pets. This explains why cat lovers are head over heels for (to the point of worshiping) their feline pets.

Responsible pet ownership entails providing all your pet’s basic needs such as food, shelter, exercise, and care. Of course, this also includes veterinary care to ensure your pet’s optimum health. Some breeds are more susceptible to certain diseases so make sure to check with your vet to assess your cat’s health condition.

Like we explained earlier, taking your cat to the vet can be troublesome for both you and the cat. But this is necessary to make sure that your pet is free from diseases or existing injuries. We say this because cats tend to hide their pains from their humans. And you may never even know that your cat is injured unless you have it checked by a vet. And since vet clinics understand the  hardship of responsible ownership, they’re coming up with funny cat jokes thru signs.

Take a look at these hilarious vet clinic signs with funny cat jokes that will surely make your day pawesome.




















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