Aldi Is Selling 3 New Types Of Churros And One Is Packed With Sweet Crême Filling

Aldi is making it possible to turn your snack sessions into mini fiestas with the new Casa Mamita churros. You probably love the classic crispy version covered in cinnamon and sugar that you can dip in chocolate. But hear us out – what if its center wasn’t just soft, chewy dough? We all know that this crispy pastry treat is delicious as it is. But these upgraded treats courtesy of Casa Mamita and Aldi are divine.

There’s no other way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo other than by enjoying Mexico’s delicious food and drinks. And the crispy, cinnamon and sugar-coated pastry certainly belongs in the top tier. Who could possibly deny how good this pastry is? Its unassuming, yet oh so deliciously iconic. In fact, a lot of us probably consider it one of favorite comfort foods! And now it just got a whole lot tastier thanks to Casa Mamita.

cinnamon sugar churros


You can now get miniature churros with tasty fillings at Aldi

You can find three delicious variants in Aldi’s freezer aisle. The Cinnamon Sugar are available for those who prefer to keep things simple and classic. But if your sweet tooth’s craving for something more, then you’ll want to try the Apple Filled ones or the Sweet Crême! The apple-filled variant supposedly tastes a lot like apple pie. And the other variant filled with sweet crême reminds us of a creme puff.

The snacks were first spotted by at their local Aldi in Monroe, Michigan. A few days later, @aldi.mademedoit also spotted them at an Aldi in Lakeland, Florida. However, judging by the slew of comments both posts have amassed, the crispy pastry bites aren’t available in every Aldi outlet yet. It’s highly likely that the new treats are experiencing some delay thanks to the current situation. But we’re pretty sure that Aldi will pull through and everyone will get a chance to try these tasty little treats sooner or later.


These sweet treats are surprisingly easy to prepare

Usually churros have to be deep-fried for it to get its crispy exterior and chewy texture. But deep-frying requires a lot of oil. Not to mention the potential risk of getting burns. Well, you won’t have to worry about using way too much oil or getting spattered on, because you can use your conventional oven to get these treats ready. However, frying instructions are still included, if you prefer to do it the old fashioned way.


I want a plate of these bite-sized goodies now

For every box of the Cinnamon Sugar variety, you’ll get 20 bite-sized pieces. On the other hand, the filled variety will contain only 15 pieces each. They are available for purchase at InstaCart and in-store for only $3.29 a box.  You can use Aldi’s store locator to  see if your local Aldi has these sweet, sweet treats in-stock. Snack time’s definitely going to be interesting with these new treats!