Relive Your Childhood With Dairy Queen’s Cherry-Dipped Cone

Don’t you just miss those days when everything could be fixed by Dairy Queen’s Cherry-Dipped Cone? For over eight decades now, America’s favorite ice cream shop has served tons of their deliciously creamy frozen dessert. Their soft serve cones topped with their trademark Q-shaped tail is essentially an icon of our more youthful days. You will probably remember that aside from the chocolate dip, a cherry dip also existed to coat those tiers of decadent vanilla ice cream.

Dairy Queen has proven itself worthy of it’s royal title over the years. Many have risen to the challenge of removing it from its pedestal, but nobody has ever really matched Dairy Queen’s sweet and creamy offerings. As there is tight competition between ice cream stores, Dairy Queen’s recipe for their soft serve is top secret.

To say that Dairy Queen has been through a lot is an understatement. This iconic ice cream store has stayed in the game thanks to their willingness to innovate. Through the years, Dairy Queen has churned out an impressive array of treats. Despite the changes and product introductions, they never neglected the essence of their existence which is the vanilla cone. However, Dairy Queen’s cherry cone slowly became scarce to make way for the chain’s new offerings. Because of this, some people grew up without the heavenly flavor of vanilla soft serve encased by a cherry-flavored shell. More tragically, a lot of its fans had to go about life without the joy of picking up a red cone during their happiest/saddest moments.

Dairy Queen’s Cherry Cones didn’t really go away, but more locations are now beginning to serve them


Dairy Queen’s Cherry Cones have become somewhat of a legend for soft serve aficionados due to its elusiveness. Even though this ruby hued cone is no longer a part of the conventional DQ menu, it’s still got loyal lovers. It’s even got a dedicated Facebook page that documents and informs fans where cherry-dipped ice cream cones can be found.

Last year, several Dairy Queen stores offered the cones for a limited time




Last year, the cherry cone was “re-launched” in select stores. DQ stores in Lafayette, Louisiana and other locations treated fans with the return of the iconic red soft serve cone.

And it seems to be steadily working its way back to the DQ menu and hearts of frosty treat enthusiasts everywhere



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Hopefully, Dairy Queen decides to officially re-include the cherry cones in all their stores, because this generation’s missing out. However, if this cherry dip isn’t available yet in your local DQ, we’re pretty sure that they’re carrying some current offerings, like the Cotton Candy-dipped cones and the Dreamsicle cones. After all, one thing we can depend on is Dairy Queen’s capability to create the frozen delights that our dreams are made of. Have you tried Dairy Queen’s cherry-dipped cone yet?