30 Times People Found Random And Interesting Things

Life is truly like a box of chocolates and you’ll never know what you’re going to get. This is what Forrest Gump’s mother used to say and we feel that it’s a spot on saying! Here we have a collection of photos showing random and interesting things people have found…

Finding an ancient artifact has never been this cool.

Also when you find a clover leaf inside a tree…

Or when some quirrels left a stash inside the hood.

Also when you find paw prints inside a 2nd century AD Roman roof tiles from France.

As well as this is 108 years worth of repaving:

Or when your water meter box surprised you with this…

And this user’s dad lost his wedding ring and found it in the dirt 15 years later.

Buy one, get one free Pizza.

When you find a tree and look like a dwarf next to it.


And even awesome things you may find at IKEA.

Also when you come home from an out of town only to find this…

Or when you wake up and see your dog is literally looking down on you…

Also this little fella hid inside a shoe all day…

When you find a stack of silver coins from the 1930s to 1960s.

I guess you will no longer be able to keep your phone in your pocket.

The surprising things you find when you work in a bakery.

Good morning from a baby owl.

When your cat is the culprit of a missing $10 bill…

And here we have Apartment 9 and 3/4.

How to train your dragon lizard.

You’re a woman, Harry?

This user came home to find his dad drying a crow with a hair dryer.

We can say this guy had a crazy New Years Eve party.

This user found all the hair ties that have been missing for months because their cat hid them.

When your dog has a knack for finding balls…

A floating light bulb in Australia.

You can now have your own Nimbus 2000 for only $6.98.

When your cat is a hoarder.

So it’s probably time for you to switch careers.

Most of all, when you find a missing golf ball.