This Amazing Mom Adopted 4 Of Her Best Friend’s Daughters When She Tragically Passed Away From Cancer

Often in life friendships get put to the test, and this couldn't be more true for long-term besties Elizabeth Diamond and Laura Ruffino. Heartbreakingly, Elizabeth was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer in August 2014. She was of course concerned what would happen to the 4 beautiful daughters she would be leaving behind in this world, especially as she was a single mother. It was during this time that Laura selflessly promised to adopt all 4 of the girls in the event of her passing, and come April 2015 when Elizabeth lost her battle, she did just that. Laura's family has now doubled in size, due to the fact she has 2 daughters of her own and a husband, Rico. 


This story is so touching in so many ways. Due to the kindness of the Ruffino family, all of Elizabeth's daughters will get to grow up together in a wonderful home. Understandably, this life change has put considerable financial stresses on the family so if you would like to make a donation you can click the link. Take a look at some photos of the beautiful family below, and rest assured there are still some amazing people left in this often cruel world. 
Website: YouCaring