Practical And Creative Ways To Store Your Shoes

 For many of us, we have far too many pairs of shoes than we really have space for. At least that’s what we think. But, the truth is, although some people do have an extensive collection, if they only knew how to properly store their shoes, they would realize the space does exist! There’s so many different places and ways to store your shoes that probably never crossed your mind before. If you’re looking for some practical and creative suggestions, look no further! Check out the images below and see which appeal to you the most!

Built In Cabinet

If you know you’re shoe obsessed, purchasing a wardrobe with a built in shoe section, or getting one custom made, is always a good way to go!


People never seem to think of drawers as a place to put shoes, but we say why not?

Fish Themed Rack

This simple design holds plenty of shoes whilst taking up minimal space.

Hanging Ladder

If you’ve got a ladder lying around that you never use, why not hang some shoes off the rungs?

Over The Door Rack

The space behind our doors is often wasted. You can buy special racks that hang onto your door providing you with a huge amount of storage space!

Plastic Boxes

Sort your shoes by season! Box up the shoes you aren’t using and put them somewhere out of sight.

PVC Piping

We love this idea! It looks great and is super durable.

Circular Pillar

This circular shoe rack could be the better choice for those working with a smaller space.


This tree design is perfect for by your front door. It doesn’t take up too much space but keeps things neat and tidy. The top part can be used as a table also! A key bowl would go perfectly there.

Wall Rack

Putting up a wall rack is so much easier than you might think! Be brave and give it a go!

Wire Holder

This design is for someone who wants something on a smaller scale. It holds a decent amount of shoes but can easily be moved around and doesn’t draw too much attention.

Hanging Rail

Your shoes deserve respect. After all, you’ve spent your hard earned money on them, right? So, instead of leaving them cluttered on the floor in a heap, use hangers to store them properly!