17 Home Remodelling Ideas For Your Kids


If you really want to impress your children, there are plenty of ways to do so via interior decorating. Many of the following feats of architecture show how it's possible to bring a little fun from the outside world into your home. Warning: don't show these ideas to your kids unless you're willing to do a little DIY or fork out big for re-decorating, as you risk making them insanely jealous of the children whose homes feature below. You'll likely never hear the end of it!


Indoor Playhouse with Slide


Slide & Ball Pit


Educational Stairs


Multi-Tiered Bedroom


DIY Ball Pit


Ball Pool With Slide


Indoor Jungle Gym



DIY Indoor Hopscotch


Indoor Swing


Climbing-Themed Bedroom


Secret Annex


Levels of Fun


Indoor Forest


The Shiniest Indoor Slide


Indoor Rock Climbing Passage


Indoor 'Curly' Slide


Indoor Treehut