Husband Transforms Attic Into Dream Closet For His Wife And It’s Gone Viral

Every woman dreams of having her own walk-in closet at home. So, consider yourself lucky if you’ve got a partner who’s willing to make this dream come true. Apparently, guys like that still do exist and Rodolfo Cabrera just happens to be one of them. Having been working in the home remodeling industry for 15 years now, Rodolfo surely knows his way around interior design. So, he took advantage of this skill and went the extra mile to give their new home’s attic a stunning closet transformation.

Amazed by the result, his daughter Joserin couldn’t help but share a few photos on her personal Twitter account. The tweet featured a before and after comparison of the attic. What used to be a dirty and creepy attic has now transformed into a neat and classy closet! It was evident that Rodolfo and his team did an excellent job of revamping the loft space. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Joserie’s tweet went viral, gathering over 400K likes and 68K retweets to date.


Husband Rodolfo Cabrera decided to give their new home’s attic a major closet transformation!

Closet Transformation After


The project instantly went viral after his daughter shared a few snaps of the transformation on Twitter

yagirljoss Tweet about Closet Transformation


From a dirty and creepy attic…

Closet Transformation Before


Closet Transformation in the Works


…to a neat and classy closet!

The extensive renovation wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Rodolfo’s team from Remodeling & Design LLC. As it turns out, it’s Rodolfo’s own company which he founded four years ago. It took the team approximately 3 weeks to complete the project, with a working budget of around 25,000–30,000 dollars.

Apparently, Rodolfo and his team did everything from scratch. From the cleanup of the attic, wall framing, drywall installation, and plastering, down to the electrical installation and furnishing. The closet comes complete with a vanity area, built-in shelves and a cozy relaxation area by the window.


Rodolfo took on this renovation project with the help of his team from his company Remodeling & Design LLC which he founded four years ago

Attic Wardrobe Empty Cabinets


Attic Wardrobe Vanity Table

Rodolfo revealed that it was their closet space shortage that had inspired him to take on this massive project. Naturally, discovering an empty attic at their new home sparked some creativity within him. He also admitted that he just let his creativity take over in the process. Obviously, the end result speaks for itself.


“One day, I went up to my attic and I began to think ‘Wow, we have all this empty space that we can transform into something else.'”


It took the team approximately three weeks to complete the project

Walk-in Closet in the Attic


Orange Accent Chair and Black Glass Table by the Window

Of course, a remodeling job as comprehensive as this was not without a challenge. According to Rodolfo, refurbishing the stairs that led to the attic closet was the team’s biggest hurdle.


“They are only attached to one wall so we needed to add as much support as we could to that one side.”

Remodeling & Design LLC Tweet Attic Closet Stairs


Renovated Stairs to the Attic


According to the team, constructing the stairs was the most challenging part of the project

Closet Transformation Remodeled Stairs


Stairs to the Attic

But all their hard work definitely paid off, as the entire family loved their new walk-in closet. In fact, Joserin even revealed that it exceeded both her and her mom’s expectations. She also mentioned that their entire house actually features the same motif as their attic. And that’s all thanks to her dad and his amazing team.

Attic Wardrobe Full Body Mirror


The total cost of the closet transformation is estimated to be around 25K to 30K dollars

Vanity Table


Attic Wardrobe Door



Here’s how the online community reacted to this amazing attic makeover




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