20 Incredibly Mind-Blowing Things Found in Attics That Might Cost a Fortune

Sometimes, when we feel bored or have nothing to do at your grandparent’s home, many of us will just suddenly want to clear, check, and sort out the things found in attics. We enjoy reminiscing the past and looking at old pictures and old things our grandparents used to have. But, some attics are not like any other attics. You can discover something worth millions in your attic and you will probably never know unless you check it out! A couple name George and Betty Davis had found their million-dollar fortune while just cleaning out their attic. Although, not everything in your attic is worth millions, but there can be far more extraordinary discoveries that will bring out your curiosity.

I wish I’d be able to use this vintage camera!

Some kids these days will never know what a typewriter is.

A mug that will surprise you.

 You might be able to find awesome things at your grandma’s attic like this oscilloscope!

Wine stored at home since 1911. Is it true that things get better with age?

A large turtle shell might also be inside your grandparent’s house.

The classic Monopoly game in its classic form.

Just one of the weirdest things found in attics.

Doesn’t this look like a giant lighter, or is it really a real lighter?

This table was found in someone else’s grandparent’s house.

It has numbers and weird symbols on it. Mysterious things an be found in your grandparent’s house.

This creepy mask has been hanging in the attic wall for years… it’s just one creepy things found in attics.

Is this an old version of the Jumanji?

This belongs to someone’s great grandpa. Must’ve really been an important man before.

His grandparents have a full set of awesome glassware made out of uranium. It turns green when it’s exposed to UV light.

It seems to have some sort of thick liquid in it.

How perfume is sold before perfume bottles were invented.

Can it be the first ever swiss knife?

Wooden Master Yoda has been sitting in the attic for years.

One of the utensils back in the day and it’s used to push food onto fork or spoons.