These Pee And Poo Pants Have Got To Be This Year’s Nastiest Halloween Costume

Enter any Halloween party and make everyone scream in terror by wearing the most appalling pants ever.  The Pee and Poo Pants, also known as the Goosh Pants, feature white pants with urine stains all over the front and poop stains all over the back side. To make it worse, the stains appear like the pee and feces are dripping down the legs of the wearer. If you want to scream ‘Yucky’ then feel free to do so.

We’ve got to admit, the pee and poo pants are one of the most disgusting merchs we’ve seen so far. But why would anyone wear these stomach-turning pants? Well, why not? It’s Halloween so anything goes.

goosh pee and poo pants

Besides, these icky pants can make a hilarious gag gift or you can use it to pull off pranks in public. Expect to get a lot of distasteful remarks from other people but you can just shrug them off with a laugh. We’re quite sure, many pranksters are going crazy to get their hands on these Goosh Pants. So expect to see more videos of the Pee and Poo Pants pranks soon.


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Watch the video below showing the Pee and Poo Pants out in public



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Although the pee and poop stains look so realistic, rest assured that they are not real. The stains are made of dye that are intentionally smeared all over the front and back side of the pants. It is made of proprietary stain absorbing fibers that lock in colors, making the stains impossible to remove even with constant washes. Furthermore, it is made of stretchy material that can fit men sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

goosh pee and poo pants amazon customer photos


goosh pee and poo pants amazon customer photo

If you don’t mind the aversion and the loathing that you’re likely to get, then go ahead and get the Pee and Poo Pants here. A satisfied customer wrote:

“I [bought] these for my husband for Halloween. They look gross but I guess that was what we were looking for. He got many laughs.”