‘Up’ Your Game This Year With An Inflatable Jetpack Costume

Halloween is just around the corner so we’re assuming you already have your spooky costumes ready. But if you’re still looking for a fancy outfit that can make you stand out then this inflatable jetpack costume will make you an instant winner. This hilarious ‘pick-me-up’ costume is modeled after a jet-propulsion backpack device complete with a flame-like detail to give the illusion of a blasting take-off.

This inflatable jetpack costume is made and sold by Morph Suits, a company specializes in making blow up suits for any event. Whether it’s for a sports event, bachelor party, Halloween, or Christmas gatherings, this company has the most eye-catching outfit suited for any occasion. And since pick-me-up costumes are on trend right now, they’ve got this flashy suit for all you The Rocketeer fans out there.


Inflatable Jetpack Costume

inflatable jetpack costume

This inflatable jetpack costume is made from 100% polyester with zipper closure to get you in and out easily. It has an internal fan to keep the suit inflated as you wear it. The fan is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) which should puff up the costume for 4 hours.

Simply place the batteries to the battery pack and attach it to the fan using the electrical cord. Clip the battery pack to your pocket and switch it on. Step into the suit legs first while ensuring the elastic are secured around the ankles. The legs should be hidden inside the flames of the jetpack to complete the illusion.

acme jetpack blow up suit


blow up suit battery pack

Pull the inflatable jetpack costume up to your waist then put your head through the elasticated head hole. Fasten the Velcro at the back of your neck then put your arms through the elasticated arm holes. Zip up the back of the suit and wait as the built-in fan fill the inside of the suit with air to inflate. Inflation only takes around 1 – 2 minutes then you’re good to go.

inflatable jetpack costume back


funny inflatable jetpack costume

This high-quality inflatable jetpack costume uses re-enforced stitching and elasticated openings to make sure that no air escapes. It should fit adult 5’ 4” to 6’ 4” in height. Since it is made from high-quality material, this suit should last even after multiple wear. Hand wash to clean and make sure to remove batteries from the suit when not in use. One happy customer wrote:

“I won first place at my company as scariest costume. It should have been the funniest. Everyone loves it! Highly recommended.”

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Check out this amazing blow up suit in action on the video below

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