After 30 Long Years Twix Cookies & Creme Bars Are Making A Comeback

News about the returning Twix Cookies & Creme has put many people into a frenzy. This hysteria may come as a surprise for the younger generation who haven’t had the chance to try the flavor. Mars launched the Cookies & Creme in 1990 and all the 90s kids will agree that these sweet treats made their childhood complete. However, the limited-edition flavor did not last long and was discontinued the following year.

It has been almost 30 years since we got our last taste of the yummy Twix Cookies & Creme bars. Twix fans just can’t seem to move on from it. Every year, people are anticipating the return of their childhood favorite chocolate bar. As a matter of fact, a Facebook page was created to persuade Mars to bring back the nostalgic flavor.


1990 Cookies & Creme

1990 twix cookies & creme bar

Furthermore, there’s also an online petition demanding the return of cookies and creme. For years, people have thought that the chocolate company wasn’t listening to their plea. But they were wrong. Mars did notice their appeal and is now working to make their dreams come true.


In August, Mars brought back Cookies & Creme as mini versions



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When Will Twix Cookies & Creme Be Back?

In August this year, Mars launched the Cookies & Creme Minis and these got people so excited. Although in bite-sized versions, people are still happy that the flavor is finally back on the shelves once again. Here’s the best part yet. Mars officially announced that the regular-sized candy bar will be hitting stores on January 2020. Faithful to the original recipe, it features the classic soft-crème center packed with crunchy cookie bits in place of the caramel. The New Year is really looking brighter for us as we look forward to this returning flavor. Those 30 years of longing and anticipation, it was indeed worth the long wait.


Twix Cookies & Creme Bars


The chocolate brand announced the good news on their Instagram page



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If you simply cannot wait until then, grab yourself a bag of miniature versions here.