Master Pranksters Will Show You How To Pull A Prank Like a Pro

A good joke always puts a smile on everyone’s face. We all get that sense of satisfaction when we tell a funny joke or successfully pull a prank that can draw out laughter. If there’s one thing everyone has in common, that is our fondness to have fun and have a good laugh. But sometimes, doing a practical joke can go awry. Therefore you need innate comical skills to become an effective joke-teller or a prankster. These master pranksters will show you how to joke around with people with a dab of creativity. Here are some examples of hilarious yet harmless pranks that can make everyone’s day brighter.



Recycling is good for the environment and for pranks too.

When you have a hilarious dad, no selfie is safe.

This guy puts his own printout in his office before leaving on vacation.

There are two types of advice. A valuable advice that can help you a lot and a silly advice that is good for nothing, just like this one.

This particular librarian is making other people’s lives easier.

No jacket and you badly need to take a photo for your ID? Take a hint from this clever guy.

I wonder how many people have fallen victim to this prank.

Get everyone around you burst out laughing with a clever prank. Learn from these master pranksters on how to devise a hilarious prank of your own.



Shaving the beard also shaves years off your face. Here’s the proof.

Well, I guess you can do that.

This is the ‘Box of Shame’ and is worn by those who suck at telling jokes. You surely don’t want that on your head.

Google Map can’t possibly reach that far down.

Fake video game box for parents who want to prank their kids.

Mirrors also need to have a break from work.

“There’s an escaped murderer near where I live, so I texted my parents to see if they are okay, they sent me this…”

When you’re on a strict diet and you find these choices on your table. Of course you’d immediately pick the donuts without a second thought. But then you realized you made the wrong choice.