Save Your Thighs This Summer With These Anti-Chafing Bands

Summer is here! And what does it mean? It means it’s time to flaunt your sexy swimwear. But there’s one thing that we probably hate the most about summer – the chub rub. Our inner thighs constantly rub against each other and that’s unavoidable. But in warm weather, the constant rubbing creates a friction that can lead to rashes, burning sensation, and even bleeding. Inner thigh chafing – the formal term for ‘chub rub’ – is both uncomfortable and unsightly. Needless to say, it can ruin your entire summer. But worry no more because these anti-chafing bands are coming to save your summer days.

anti chafing bands
Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing introduces anti-chafing bands that you can slip on your thighs to prevent chafing. Unlike bike shorts, these anti-chafing bands provide extra support and a ton of comfort. Each band is made of mixed fiber fabric that reliably functions as a barrier to protect the skin from constant friction. Pairs are available in two different colors – black and nude. You can choose from six different sizes –  xs (48-53cm), s (53-58cm), m (58-63cm), l (63-68cm), xl (68-73cm), and xxl (73-78cm). For only $12, you can get a pair of these amazing thigh bands in plain, solid colors. There are also many more options on Amazon.

pretty little thing anti-chafing bands nude
Pretty Little Thing


pretty little thing anti-chafing bands plain nude
Pretty Little Thing

However, if you’re looking for something fancier and sexier, you may want to check the Bandelettes. Just like the one from Pretty Little Thing, these stylish bands also prevent inner thigh chafing, with a touch of elegance.

red bandelettes lace anti-chafing bands

Bandelettes follow the design of bridal thigh bands that feature beautiful lace fabric in alluring patterns. Each piece is designed with slip-resistant silicone to keep the band in place no matter how much you move. The Bandelettes come in several designs in a wide range of color options. They are also available in six different sizes. Of course, they also come at a higher price compared to the plain anti-chafing bands by Pretty Little Thing.

white bandelettes lace anti-chafing bands


black bandelettes lace anti-chafing bands



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Whether you go for the discreetly plain one or the sexy design, you can never go wrong with these anti-chafing bands. Here’s what the ladies had to say about these life-saving thigh bands.

There are also many more options on Amazon.