Coca-Cola Tic Tacs Are Coming To Store Shelves Soon

Have you ever wondered what Coca-Cola would taste like as a mint? I mean, cola-inspired candies already exist, but this is a unprecedented collaboration from our favorite soda and mint candy brands! The new Coca-Cola Tic Tacs has certainly created quite the buzz among the cola-drinking, Tic Tac-crunching crowd. Ferrero group, in the press release, said that:

“With the Tic Tac Coca-Cola, consumers will enjoy an incomparable taste experience which combines the refreshment of Coca-Cola with the iconcity of Tic Tac.”

70 countries will have the opportunity to taste the first-ever Coca-Cola flavored mint candy. The promotion is this new mint is extensive as it is supported by a “360° global integrated communication plan” that includes a dedicated TV campaign. Which means we’ve got a new Coke (Coke Tic Tac) commercial to look forward to! Expect to see more this fizzy mint combination on your social media platforms too, because Ferrero, Tic Tac’s parent company, is taking no prisoners.

The Coca-Cola Tic Tacs come in swanky, iconic Coke-red containers.

Coca-Cola Tic Tacs
Tic Tac®

When this candy combination finally hits store shelves, shoppers will be seeing in red. Because the Coca-Cola Tic Tacs will be available in three different and distinct packages. Moreover, the iconic Coca-Cola logo will be seen on every Tic Tac you get from the container. Which will definitely appeal to the logo-obsessed crowd. Coca-Cola and Tic Tac are iconic and refreshing products on their own, so we’re really looking forward to tasting how the combination of these two refreshments will turn out to be like.

Neither products are strangers to experimenting with new flavors. But it is the first time that Coca-Cola has been turned into a mint candy! This new mint combination has certainly got us asking: Would this tic tac be taste twice as refreshing?



Guess we’ll just have to wait to taste it. The press release hasn’t made made any official announcements regarding its specific release date, so we’ll keep you updated. Meanwhile, why don’t you treat yourself to a Oreo Mint McFlurry? If you’re a fan of weird mint combinations, you might want to give the Bacon-flavored mints a try! And since Halloween is just a few winks away, you should totally try the Brain-flavored zombie mints to prevent yourself from having ghoulish breath!