Obvious Things You Probably Won’t Notice Unless Pointed Out

The most surprising things are usually hiding in the most unnoticeable places and circumstances. It may take some time to recognize these obvious things, and we may need someone to point them out to us. But the beauty behind this is the challenge of unraveling seemingly-vague things that are glaring right in front of us. If you don’t have a single idea of what we’re talking about, let these examples show you. Check out these pictures of obvious things you probably won’t notice unless pointed out. Once you’ve seen them, you will wonder how you never spotted them in the first place.


Thanks for pointing that out. I swear I could have believed that all the paintings were flowers.

Imgur | anlyin

This explains a lot. There are still people who don’t recognize a famous rapper when they see one. And most of these people are teachers.


Say the name really fast…

Reddit | Colorless_Parrot

There are some vulgar things better left censored for the sake of the innocent viewers. But this is not one of those things.

Instagram | will_ent

The trick behind the levitation magic has been revealed.

Instagram | tank.sinatra

When you can’t even distinguish a real person from a paper. Look harder!

Instagram | memelif3

How could she even stand with those super-skinny legs? Oh right… she just didn’t realize how a vertical stripe can change the way she looks.

Instagram | hoodcomedy

Pictures you need to look harder at



This projector at a church (of all places) have a subtle message to test your vision and your way of thinking.

Imgur | butterda

Believe it or not, the surface of this floor is evenly flat. The distortion of the black-and-white- squares creates an illusion to make the surface appear uneven.

Reddit | MorningBreathTF

When you wake up in the morning and see a black hole ready to suck you in. But kidding aside, that black hole thing isn’t harmless. It’s actually a black furry cat curled up like a ball.

Reddit | Wive

Tell your kids to stop playing too many video games. And no, you don’t get points for breaking through a glass portal.


The warning is clear on this one. Too much caffeine can make you look like this.

Reddit | aliciastudio

Those butterfly tattoos are lovely but the dog in the background steals the spotlight on this photo.

Imgur | Pennywise2electricboogaloo

If you think this is a collage then you’re totally wrong. This is actually a single unedited photo.

Reddit | FakeFeynman

Look closely and you’ll find two women and 1/2 a mannequin. Have you found them all?

Imgur | Pennywise2electricboogaloo