Unsettling Images That Prove Cats Are Secretly Evil

As any cat-lover will testify, felines can make the most loving and adorable pets. But, taking a look at this collection of evil-looking images, we think someone forgot to tell these creatures that fact! It’s true that cats like to be their own bosses and that people say you can never truly own a cat. However, some of these kitties look like they’re intent on world domination! If you’ve ever questioned what your cute little Tiddles does when you’re not around, he could secretly be enjoying being the embodiment of evil like these cats below. Take a look!


“The whole world will be mine!”

What a pretty kitty in her new pink collar.

Sitting at the gateway to hell…or maybe it’s just a garden uplight.

My, what a beautiful smile.

He just wants a hug.

We wonder if this cat is as terrified of his shadow as we are.

“Go to sleep.”

Staring into the pits of hell.

“I’m always watching you.”

The aptly named Smeowg.

This guy could star in a remake of Pet Sematary!

Warming his paws or summoning Satan? You decide.

He may look harmless but his reflection says otherwise.

Opening the portal.

Okay, so we’ve figured out that cats only have one master, themselves! You might think your little pet is all sweetness and light, without an evil bone in his body. What’s worrying us though is that these guys look set on rising up and creating a new world order of fantastic and terrifying felines. Being the dominant species on earth, perhaps we humans have had it too good for too long. If you’re worried about your cat’s propensity to evil, it’s time to take action. A few slices of fish and a saucer of milk should hopefully placate him…for a while.

You will obey.

Gathering strength from the flames.

“We’re not letting you leave without a fight (for your soul.)”

Evil photobombing feline.

“I will haunt your dreams.”

“You’re not having any of MY food, human!”

Quick! Call the exorcist! 

Just casually walking away from the carnage.

He’s deep in a trance summoning a demon.

An evil cat or a kitty covered in flour?

He’s very into his candle magic.

A face only a mother could love.

Surely this should be impossible!

Why so grumpy?