Broadly speaking there are two different types of girls in this world, those who flaunt it and those who just don't. Of course, this is a bit of a generalization because there are endless different subcategories of girls out there, too. However, simply speaking most girls fall into one of these two groups. The healthiest way to be is somewhere in the middle and if you've hit that balance, you're onto a good thing! Take a look and see if you recognize any of these two types of girls below!


Girls who like being comfortable versus the ones who take pain in the name of fashion!




Conservatively dressed ladies and those who like to flaunt what they've got!


The girl who loves food and the one who loves flowers. Why not have the best of both worlds and love them both?!


Girls who dress up and those who dress down.


The girl who just loves having fun and the girl to whom looking perfect is everything!


The sporty and non-sporty girls.


Goofy girls versus girls who are all about image!





Comfortable novelty PJs compared to the sexy tight little numbers.


The girl who likes to turn up the sexiness and the one who just enjoys dressing up.


Classic versus modern girls.


These two different types of girls that you see at Halloween!


Girls who are always ready and girls who are always late!


And finally, this!

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