These Oven Rack Guards Are Heat-Resistant And Protect You From Burns When Getting Food Out The Oven

Love baking but dread the moment when you finally have to take out the goodies from the oven? Are you worried your little one will suddenly open the oven and get hurt? Then you should get yourself oven rack guards! With these nifty oven edge shields, you can goodbye to those painful badges of baking honor! Besides protecting you from potential burns and scars, these silicone guards will also help you get a better angle when you’re putting in or taking out whatever you’re cooking.

The people over at Laminas understand the pain of accidentally burning one’s hand or arm in the kitchen. And when you feel the burn, your jerk reaction might cause you to drop whatever you’re holding. When that happens, you might spill or drop your long-awaited batch of cookies or worse, pan of lasagna! So prevent any kitchen tragedies with these easy to use, heat-resistant edge bumpers!

3 pack orange and yellow oven rack guards



mom uses the oven rack guards while cooking a dish


Prevent oven-related accidents with these oven rack guards

“The silicone oven protectors by Laminas has changed the face of safety forever, and you’ll love seeing your bright oven rack protectors when taking out food.”

oven rack guards next to a plate of lasagna


oven toaster or stove oven use

Each protector measures 14 inches long, which should be enough to provide coverage on your oven’s racks. To install them, all you need to do is snap the protector’s teeth onto the grill’s edges. These protectors can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 446F, so you can rest easy while waiting for your goodies. Furthermore, they’re also waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about anything seeping in them. The FDA has also approved this product, so you know it’s safe to involve with food!

easy installation of the oven rack protectors



flexible oven rack guards

They’ll stay put until you’re ready to whip them out for cleaning. Cleaning these heat-resistant silicone oven rack guards is easy, too. You can simply wipe them clean, or throw them in the dishwasher.


Every rack protector is built to last

Laminas’s oven rack guards come in packs of three. Each guard has been made with “maximum quality in mind”. Moreover, if you buy a pack from Laminas, they’ll donate 5% of the sales to Homes for the Homeless! Plus, if you get 2 or 3 packs in one go, you’ll be eligible for cool discounts as well. Get the oven rack protector here and say goodbye to burns, ruined food, and scars!

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