Textile Maps Of Pakistan And India Show The Embroidery Techniques Of Each Region

Appreciating the beauty of textile art is one thing, knowing the rich history behind it is another. Two brands have individually come up with witty ways to showcase both in a single medium. Generation and Craftsvilla have designed a textile map of Pakistan and India. Both maps perfectly illustrate the diverse handloom techniques and vibrant textile patterns of the two countries.

Generation is a clothing company that hails from Pakistan. To date, it’s among the leading ready-to-wear women’s clothing brand in Pakistan. To commemorate Pakistan’s Independence Day, the brand designed their own version of Pakistan’s map.


Generation’s Textile Map of Pakistan

Textile Map of Pakistan

The map consists of colorful fabric swatches that highlight various embroidery techniques distinct to a specific region. To name a few, some of these include the Kutch embroidery, Sindhi taanka, Kashmir dandi taanka, and Swati embroidery. As such, the map offers a brilliant way of spreading awareness on and paying homage to the nation’s rich culture.

But Generation isn’t the only brand who has thought of this unique idea. In fact, it might even be safe to assume that they’ve drawn inspiration from India’s largest online ethnic store, Craftsvilla. Several months before Generation’s concept has gone viral, Craftsvilla has released what they dubbed as “Fabric Tour of India.”


Craftsvilla’s Fabric Tour of India

Textile Map of India

Similarly, this textile map of India features various fabric swatches that showcase the country’s “amazing handloom heritage.” What’s more, is that Craftsvilla has also included a brief history of each region and its distinct traditional textile.

Textile Map of India - Apatani of Arunachal Pradesh


Bandhani of Gujarat

Indeed, both textile maps of Pakistan and India are a great reminder of the countries’ diverse and vibrant history. Nonetheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they should just remain in the past.

Bhagalpuri Silk of Bihar


Chanderi of Madhya Pradesh

As such, it’s always amazing to see how modern artists manage to incorporate traditional and indigenous designs to contemporary medium. That way, even future generations can still bear witness to their ancestors’ colorful past.

Chikankari of Uttar Pradesh


Phulkari of Punjab

Check out Craftsvilla’s site for all 29 Indian states’ unique embroidery techniques.

Source: Facebook | Craftsvilla