These Gin And Tonic Flavored Kit Kats Are A Drinkers Dream Treat

What’s your most favorite Kit Kat flavor? Whatever it is, you’ll be ditching it in no time. It’s because you’ll be having a new favorite – the new Gin and Tonic flavored Kit Kats. Yes, you read it right. There are cocktail-flavored Kit Kats to satisfy our cravings for booze – in a delectable chocolate wafer bar form. Nestle UK recently unveiled a unique range of Kit Kat flavors. The new editions include surprising flavors such as the Gin and Tonic flavored Kit Kats and the Whisky and Ginger flavored Kit Kats.



gin and tonic flavored kit kats john lewis

This is actually not the first time that our favorite chocolate-covered wafer bar has received a boozy treatment. Nestle Japan was the first to introduce an alcohol-infused Kit Kat – the Sake Kit Kats – back in 2016. Unlike the Sake Kit Kats, UK’s Gin and Tonic flavored Kit Kats do not contain alcohol. Instead, it uses gin and tonic flavored caramel filling which is made with sugar and sweetener. So, don’t expect to get tipsy as you indulge in this cocktail-flavored treat.

The Gin and Tonic flavored Kit Kats is a part of the Chocolatory Experience exclusively reserved for John Lewis. Kit Kat Chocolatory allows anyone to create their own eight-finger Kit Kat. For £14, you can decide which chocolate and toppings you like to add to your Kit Kat wafer. You can choose one from four different chocolate coatings – dark, milk, white, and ruby. Proceed by choosing three toppings from 12 available options – cherry, popping candy, meringue, coconut brownie, cocoa nibs, shortbread, marshmallow, brownie, caramel, honeycomb, raspberry, and dried rose petals. And that’s it. John Lewis will put your creation in a personalized box. And they will send you a text message when it’s ready to be collected.

Nestle UK partners with John Lewis to introduce a new range of luxury Kit Kat bars offered thru the shop’s Chocolatory Experience

john lewis nestle uk chocolatory experience
John Lewis and Partners

You can also opt to pick and mix eight individual fingers from a selection of ‘Best of British’ flavors. The selection includes Earl Grey, Cherry Bakewell, Eton Mess, Rhubarb and Apple Crumble, Marmalade, Blackberry and Elderflower, Lemon Posset, and Dandelion and Burdock. Both the personalized Kit Kat creation and the Best of British selection are available in John Lewis & Partners Oxford Street and Trafford. But if you can’t make it to the Oxford Street or Trafford shops, you can still avail of the Kit Kat Chocolatory online.

John Lewis also offers ready-made Kit Kats in six-finger and twelve-finger variants that you can buy online. The six-finger Kit Kat flavors include Gin and Tonic, Whiskey and Ginger, Springtime in Japan, Nuttylicious, Billionaires, and Jewels of the East. The twelve-finger Kit Kat flavors include Whisky and Gin and Tonic, Springtime and Jewels of the East, and Billionaires and Nuttylicious.

The Chocolatory edition also includes the Gin and Tonic flavored Kit Kats

john lewis gin and tonic flavored kit kats


gin and tonic flavored kit kats


john lewis gin and tonic flavored kit kats nestle uk

You can buy the six-finger Gin and Tonic flavored Kit Kats here and get it in a stylish, gift-ready box.