20 Hilarious Pranks That You Will Love

Let’s face it, working in an office can be pretty boring at times. We have collected 20 fun and cool pranks to take the pressure off and to bring a fun vibe into the workplace. You need to be careful who you prank though, as not everyone could share your awesome sense of humor! Let us know your favorite in the comments below.

Create a grassy garden in your co-workers keyboard!

grass garden in coworkers keyboard close up

Replace a door wall protector with an airhorn.

Turn windshield wipers into rainbows.

An original way to serve water.

Upgrade their office equipment!

Place a loop of shopping carts around your colleague’s car.

Disguise yourself as a car seat and see what happens!

Paint soap with clear nail polish.

Infest the office with fake rats.

Put an airhorn under their seat.

Their worst nightmare!

Ruin your colleague’s Pringles.

Give your colleague’s hands surprise lubrication.

For the narcissist colleague… cover their office in images of themselves!

Horrible Minty Oreos!

Does your colleague enjoy reading the newspaper?

Throw a surprise balloon party.

Cling wrap their car.


words fail us


Give their car a ‘paint’ job with Sticky Notes.

paint job sticky notes


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