12 Things You’ll Understand If You’re Obsessed With Baking


Everybody likes to enjoy the fruits of baking (or if they don't, there's definitely something up with them), but the actual baking process is not for everyone. Some people find it boring or stressful, but if you're anything like us, you just can't get enough of it. You've been known to bake cakes well into the night and every holiday, birthday and other special occasion, it's you supplying the baked goods. These are twelve things you'll definitely understand if you're a bit obsessed with baking. Take a look!


You watch pretty much every baking show on TV, though none are as good as…


You get annoyed when people think that baking is easy because you know it's way more scientific than regular cooking.


You hoard baking ingredients in extremely large quantities.


You signed up to Pinterest simply to start a baking board.



You could rant for hours about why cupcakes and muffins are so not the same thing.


You cannot get behind the idea of making a cake in the microwave. Besides, it's clearly a steamed pudding, not a true cake.


You know that baking is the one.


You've mastered the art of stress baking.


There's at least one baked good you dislike simply because of how hard it is to make.


You have shed tears over failed baking experiments.


You have strong opinions when people on baking shows do things the wrong way.


You're glad everyone loves your baking, because it's your go-to gift when you don't have any money.

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