People Whose Outward Thinking Skills Got Other People Puzzled

Studies show that an average person has more than 60,000 thoughts and almost 95% of which are constantly repeating ideas. And on the other hand of course, there would also be these people who have such an outward thinking that it doesn’t simply conform to the norms of the society most of the times.

Even in the most ordinary situations, these people managed to do things differently because of their outward thinking skills which sets them apart from the rest. That being said, here are some of these few people who have a rather outward thinking to prove that thinking outside of the box can add the thrill to our life.


#1 Now this is how you do photo shoots without the aid of photoshop.


#2 Talking about daredevil. Here comes the bride, all dressed in white. Wait,whose idea was it anyway?


#3 Who says playing chess is boring? Try doing this and let’s see if you can still utter such word. Lol!


#4 This is what calmness despite the chaos looks like. I wonder how long have they been holding their screams.

unknown author/imgur

#5 Just a regular day for this good old man strolling around with his cute little pony.


#6 So this is how a Microsoft Word File attachment mascot would look like


#7 Say what? So much for being a spokesperson, huh?


#8 Instead of tourist taking a photograph of another tourist on a tourist attraction. Very clever!


#9 And the most savage award goes to this man, who would protest to that?


#10 Age is just a number, after all. When counter strike with your bff is life!


#11 After series of contemplating, and you finally decided to blend in.


#12 No storage space? Say no more, all your storage problems are fixed!


#13 This store definitely knows how to play their game well. Well played!


#14 Anyone wouldn’t ever dare to come close to it.


#15 When everything seemed to be so mixed up and you can’t understand it, just take a look at these phones. Great outward thinking skills!


#16 A life size wedding cake that will confuse even the guests. Can you spot the real to the unreal? Lol!



#17 Nice try Mr. Nice guy, but try to ask help from somebody next time, will you?



What can you say about the outward thinking skills of these people? Are you also an outward thinker? We’d really like to hear from you!