Emotional Revelations From People Whose Partners Are Going Through Chemotherapy

Seeing the person so dear to you while they’re in pain can already be a torture; how much more if the reason behind their suffering is because of cancer? And, it is during this time where people, such as couples, become emotional especially when they see their partners undergoing chemotherapy, which, as they say, is an excruciating procedure.

Despite the chances of cancer remission, seeing your partner be in chemotherapy is a tormenting phase but you have to be strong for him/her. Just like these people whose partners are in chemotherapy sessions, let’s take a look as to how they deal with it.

#1 Some people can really be too insensitive. The world badly needs more kinder people.

#2 A proof of how love can be so powerful that it knows no distance.

#3 Watching them suffer makes you feel helpless. Just be there for her, support her and be her source of strength in times like this.

#4 Cancer has done terrible damages to millions of lives. So heart breaking.

#5 Make every moment with her worthwhile, spend time as much as you can, make memories and tell her how much she means to you.

#6 One of the scariest possibilities that could ever happen. Be strong.

#7 Not an easy phase but you just have to be the source of strength of each other.

#8 Understand that it’s never easy to be in her situation. When all else seem so wrong, remember the reason why you married her, because of love.

#9 Now that’s an A for effort. Thank you for seemingly making unbearable things become bearable.

#10 Definitely not an easy situation you’re in at the moment. Stay strong, everything will be fine eventually.

#11 What’s done has already been done. You can’t do anything about it but to start supporting him because he needs now more than ever.

#12 Aaaaw! Small things like that really do matter. Your boyfriend must be very proud and happy because of you.

#13 OMG! And you call yourself a wife? Pray it never happens to his brother because life may sometimes be playful. What goes around, comes around.

#14 This is for the best boyfriend she has ever got. Way to go!