These 10 Valentines Cards Made By Kids Are Cute And Hilarious


Valentine's Day is just around the corner so with this in mind, take a look at these 10 bizarre yet cute kid's homemade cards. A few of these have slightly sinister sounding undertones and others are just hilarious! However we're sure that they're all completely innocent! Do you remember making your own Valentine cards when you were young? Perhaps you were at the receiving end of a particularly strange and memorable one. Let us know in the comment below and don't spare any details!


So is his first Valentine on the Jedi Council? Cool!


This 6 year old can teach us all a thing or two about friendship.


Is that a veiled threat? Surely not!


Saying it like it is!


Cute but perhaps a little unsettling?


This little guy seems to have it all worked out. He'll fight to get the girl!





A severed finger is just sooo romantic!


Chase thinks the baby sitter is a babe!


Keeping the best till last – this is possibly the most epic superhero card ever!

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