People Have Been Sharing The Best ‘Outstanding Move’ Jokes And Here’s 20 Of Them

Have you seen the latest meme craze on the internet? It’s called the ‘Outstanding Move’ meme featuring clever jokes and well-executed tomfooleries that deserve a ‘standing ovation’. Memes – their simple form and witty humor have made them so exceedingly popular. In fact, memes may well be the most legit representation of internet culture. Everyday, thousands of memes are being shared on different social media platforms. But only few of these actually become viral, at least on a daily basis.

If you’re a denizen of the worldwide web, you’re probably up to date with the latest viral memes. And if that is so, you’ve probably seen the hilarious ‘Outstanding Move’ memes spreading around social media. This new viral phenomenon features a witty answer to a question or an ingenious solution to a problem taken from a particular post on social media. And right below the post is an image of man with a chess board diagram beside him. The image comes with a caption ‘Outstanding Move’ as a reference to the placement of chess pieces.


The ‘Outstanding Move’ Jokes Are The Newest Meme Craze On The Internet

outstanding move meme jokes

The ‘Outstanding Move’ trend began when a Spanish news outlet featured an article about the chess match between grandmasters Efim Bogoljubov and Ludwig Rellstab which took place in 1940. In order to reenact the match, a video was included in the article showing Leontxo García, the host, explaining every movement of the chess pieces on the board. When he came to the part where Bogoljubov made the winning move, García said “maravillosa” which means “outstanding” in English.

outstanding move meme

Soon after, screenshots of that particular moment started popping up on the comment sections on various social media. Now people use the screenshot to react to some funny scenarios and crafty ideas that are ‘outstanding’. And not long after, the screenshot has been used in several memes as a genuine applause or sarcastic response to a brilliant (or foolish) idea. We’ve collected the funniest ‘Outstanding Move’ memes on the internet to make your day brighter than ever.


So, let’s take a look at some of the funniest images!

outstanding move meme jokes stolen bike


man comes back wearing a dress


outstanding move meme jokes surprise


teased for having glasses


asked genie for four wishes


outstanding move meme jokes iphone 7 fusion


rock paper scissors online


woman outsmarts airport security frozen water


outstanding move meme jokes asked god for a bike


escape room after 30 seconds

So, which one is your favorite? Have you seen a scenario where this meme is just perfect?