This Awesome Rook Tower Comes With A Wrap Around Chess Board And Shelving For The Pieces To Stand On

There are two types of chess player – one who simply plays the game and one who plays the game in style. If you belong to the latter, you’d probably find the traditional flat checkered board boring. That is why we’re bringing you this Rook Tower Chess Board. And this is not just your ordinary chess board. This unique board comes in the form of a giant rook piece. Hence, this chess board also doubles as a sophisticated ornament.

The Rook Tower features a flexible wooden checkered board that wraps around the tower. Simply pull away the playing board and lay it flat on a surface to play. Inside the tower are 4 different levels of racks where you can store all the chess pieces. When you’re done playing, just return the pieces into the interior racks. Then wrap the flexible board around the tower to secure the pieces in place. You can easily store it away or use it as a decorative piece by flaunting it anywhere in the house.

rook tower chess board

The Rook Tower Chess Board is made from moraine oak with a vintage-inspired finish for a more elegant look. The rack stands 27.5 inches tall and has a 12.6 inch diameter base while the flexible playing board measures 17.7 inches x 17.7 inches. With 16 chess pieces included, the entire tower weighs 37.6 lbs. If you’re seriously looking for a chess set that really stands out, this is certainly worth the look.

rook tower chess board decorative


decorative playing set


playing set with foldable checkered board

Source: Kupitshahmaty