Reese’s Thins Are Now Available In White Chocolate

White chocolate lovers, rejoice! Hershey’s has finally released White Reese’s Thins in addition to the milk and dark chocolate variants. Just so you know, the first two flavors hit the shelves back in 2019. So, yes, it’s high time we get a white crème version of this treat. The ultimate trio is finally complete—what a sweet way to kick off the year!

The new flavor still consists of the same white crème and peanut butter as the regular white peanut butter cups. Though, of course, they’re 40% thinner than the OG peanut butter cups. Nonetheless, they’re still equally delicious. So, if you find the regular ones too peanut buttery, then the Thins are the way to go.

White Reese's Thins Packaging Front

Plus, we all know how versatile Reese’s chocolates are. In fact, combining them with other desserts or treats can instantly improve your recipes by tenfold. So, for an added twist, we suggest going for the White Reese’s Thins for your next batch of baked goodies. Besides, Valentine’s Day is also just around the corner, so it’s a good reason to brush up on your baking skills.

White Reese's Thins Packaging Back


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If you simply can’t get enough of white chocolates, then we’ve got more exciting news for you. Galaxy has also just released two new white chocolate bars, while Cadbury has released an entirely new line of white chocolates. We’re only a few days into 2020, but the coming months are surely looking fun and sweet! Let the snacking begin!

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