Teachers Who Don’t Mind Showing Off Their Brilliant Sense Of Humor

Sometimes, teachers really do have it rough. They may get more holidays than the rest of us, yet they also have to deal with disruptive and annoying students who are constantly finding new ways to torment them. Which is why we think it’s pretty impressive when a teacher can retain a wicked sense of humor… and give back as good as they get! Like the 16 teachers featured below! Take a look, these images are sure to put a smile on your face!

This teacher randomly took the entire lesson dressed like this…

A good way to stop kids from stealing your pencils!

Never think it’s safe to copy from your classmates.

Well, a man dolphin is pretty special…

This is what the kid got when he asked teacher for a spare pen!

Another sly crack at the Biebs!

Cool, calm and simply hilarious!

When this kid fell asleep in class, the teacher took a picture with him!

An inventive and practical way of getting kids to not use phones!

This one is just too good.

One teacher’s no-fuss way to deal with late assignments!

This teacher knows what’s a happening.

Funniest homework assignment ever!

Way to go, teacher!



A teacher’s job is one of the hardest things to do, but it is rewarding. Teachers get to deal with their students differently depending on situations. But these funny teachers exactly know what they’re doing.

Here we have funny teachers who really know how to deal with their students. Because teachers have an amazing sense of humor too.

This professor threatened to draw dead kittens because his students won’t stop chatting during class.

When your chemistry teacher is getting into the Christmas spirit:

When you really want to get the message across:

Just some of the things you can learn at the faculty of medicine.

This teacher prepared an exploding pumpkin for her students.

“Draw me like one of your IT girls.”

When you’re fed up with students who don’t return calculators:

When your Math teacher got bored while checking your paper:

How to entertain a class:

When you ran out of ideas on how to silence the class:

When your teacher is just naturally cool:

“Today our teacher showed us the right way to kill a wasp.”

When your teacher just wants to show off his drawing skills:

How to evoke your students’ interest about history:

When your teacher is awesome enough to draw a map:

Moral Lesson: Do not smoke in the toilet or else this will happen.

When your teacher knows all the memes:

When your teacher is a Marvel fan:

Jeez… way to stress the examinees out even more, huh?

Keeping students interested and engaged is not always easy. It’s not difficult to become distracted and unfocused when you’re a kid, teenager or young adult that would rather be anywhere other than in class. This means that being an educator can be annoyingly tough at times. However, there are many effective ways to combat these issues. Here we have a list of images showing teachers with an awesome sense of humor. Take a look! 

Creative visual aids can be really helpful! 

This teacher brought an actual coffin into school to show his students that their test scores ‘killed him’. That is some serious dedication to making a point! 

Teachers are getting more and more creative in their ways of trying to maintain the attention of students. 

Be kind to your teacher, let her sleep too…

A professor had to bring their 7 year old son into work. So, she dressed him as Godzilla and let him wander around so that he wouldn’t get bored! 

We see a great effort has been made, however, this isn’t very convincing! 

An excellent costume if we do say so ourselves! 

Students always think that they are so sly and slick when it comes to phone usage! 

Keeping things fair and inspiring fear in all students… a random number generator that decides who answers questions! 

How to nail the Smurf look…

To raise money for charity, this teacher charged $1 for 1 piece of tape. Success! 

So many students unaware that they are being trolled… 

This school is the next best place to attend after Hogwarts… 

We think that these creative clothing choices are awesome! 

We’ve spent most of our young lives in school where we met different people and learned different lessons. Our life as a student may be troublesome, but it doesn’t even come close to the burdensome life of a teacher. They may be annoying and demanding at times but students fail to understand the challenges that teachers need to face every day. Teachers are fully aware of how playful kids are these days with their devil-may-care attitude. That is why they also need to step up their game in order to dance to their students’ tune. So if youngsters can troll, teachers can do it better. And seems like students don’t mind having a troll for a teacher, in fact they love it! Here are some photos of teachers trolling students who made school more fun and entertaining.



No excuses…

Now, I got your full attention.

Writing an adult word in a kid’s homework is a guaranteed bust.

You’re killing me, literally.

When your own joke backfired to you so bad.

Attend your class regularly if you don’t want your picture posted on a milk carton.

That’s one unusual teacher’s pet.

When it comes to having great sense of humor, these teachers have the upper hand. Scroll down to see more photos of teachers trolling students and get ready to laugh.



You just got rick rolled!

This professor knows how to upgrade his computer’s security before the final exam.

No one can escape the eyes of the man on top.

Most teachers would tell you not to play with fire. But this particular teacher seems to enjoy playing with it.

This student borrowed a pen from his teacher. He learned his lesson not to forget his pen next time.

Always present, never absent.

Psychological manipulation at its finest. I can almost hear Jigsaw muttering “I want to play a game.”

This is what you get for sleeping in class.