11 Amazing Artifacts That History Nerds Will Love – Part 2


If you’re a self-confessed history nerd, you’re in the correct place right now, because we’ve got a collection of amazing artifacts for you to take a peek at. But, even if you’ve never been particularly enamored with history, we think these objects are cool enough to interest anyone! From elephant armor to diving suits to masks of ancient Aztec gods, we’ve got a little bit of everything! So, take a look at these eleven amazing artifacts that history nerds will love! And, be sure to check out the first part of this post if you haven’t already!



This ornate partridge was made in germany in 1600. It flips open at the neck to become a drinking vessel.


These are the original Pooh Bear and friends given by A.A. Milne to his son Christopher Robin between 1920 and 1922.


This is Napoleon’s very own three-chamber pistol.


This is the mask of the god Xiutecuhlti from Aztec or Mixtec Mexico between 1325 and 1521.


A lead sling bullet from Greece in the 4th century AD. The word Dexai is inscribed on it, which means “catch.”


Joseph Enouy’s eight-cylinder revolver.



Elephant armor from 17th century India.


This is a diving suit from 1882.


The inscription on the blade of this Corsican vendetta knife translates to “May all your wounds be mortal.”


This carved olive pit comes from China in 1737.


This ancient Greek coin dates back to roughly 500 BC.

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