Genius Japanese Inventions That Need To Be Available Around The World

We’ve done many posts on the great things that Japan has to offer and that’s because the country never fails to impress and surprise us. There are some truly genius Japanese inventions that the whole world could benefit from using. Here we have a collection of some of our favorites. Granted, some of them are a little strange, but we can see the logic that went in to creating them! Plus, the world would be a very boring place without a few wacky inventions in the mix! Take a look and see what you think! 

Cushion For Lying On Your Front

Now you can chill or work comfortably on your laptop whilst lying on your front! 

Genius Japanese Inventions a cushion for working

Tablet Holder

Go hands free with this flexible tablet holder! 

Genius Japanese Inventions a tablet holder

Public Bathroom Baby Seat

These awesome seats offer you a place to safely seat your baby whilst you do your business. 

Genius Japanese Inventions baby seat in toilets

Toilet Slippers

The Japanese feel that the bathroom is the dirtiest place in the house. So, they have separate footwear to use when visiting the bathroom. 

Genius Japanese Inventions bathroom slippers

Cafe For People Who Want To Attend Alone

If you feel a bit embarrassed sitting alone, this awesome cafe will provide you with a soft toy companion. 

Genius Japanese Inventions cafe lonely hearts

Diagonal Crossings

In Japan, they have diagonal crossings which means you can cross to your destination much quicker! 

Genius Japanese Inventions diagonal crossings

Easy Open Cans

A small change can make a big difference. The design of the pull tab on this can makes it easier for the user to open their drink. 

Genius Japanese Inventions easy open cans

Helmet With A Pony Tail Hole

This is so great! Now you can comfortably wear a helmet and be rocking a pony tail at the same time. 

Genius Japanese Inventions motorbike helmet ponytail

Houses With Names On

Many houses in Japan have the owner’s last name on display to make it easier for people to find an address. 

Genius Japanese Inventions name on houses

A Napkin That Covers Your Face Whilst You Eat

If you’re someone that feels self conscious when you eat, this napkin would be perfect for you! 

Genius Japanese Inventions napkin face cover

A Dinosaur Robot That Will Check You In

This cool hotel uses a robotic clerk in the form of a dinosaur! 

Genius Japanese Inventions robot dinosaur check in

Silent Karaoke

This device is great for those who want to practice their singing without disturbing others. It’s also good for those who have confidence issues. 

Genius Japanese Inventions silent karaoke

Sink Over Toilet Tank

This set up is great for saving water. The toilet tank collects water from people who have washed their hands and then uses it for flushing. 

Genius Japanese Inventions sink over toilet

Sunglasses For Dogs

Dogs have sensitive eyes too! With these sunglasses made specifically for dogs, they can be protected from the bright sun also. 

Genius Japanese Inventions sunglasses for dogs

Train Seats That turn

Some people struggle to sit in seats that aren’t facing the direction of travel. With these brilliant seats that turn, you can choose whatever works best for you! 

Genius Japanese Inventions turning train chairs

Umbrella Parking Lot

These sorts of umbrella holders are dotted all around Japan. They lock in safely to prevent theft. 

Genius Japanese Inventions umbrella parking lot