Funny And Embarrassing Airport Pick Up Signs That Were Impossible To Miss

We all know that airports are often filled with thousands of people. Therefore, if you’re being picked up, or are picking someone up, often a sign is used to make yourself stand out more clearly. Generally names are used, however, sometimes people come up with things that are way more creative. Here we have some funny and embarrassing airport pick up signs that were impossible to miss. There’s some great inspiration here!

Funny Airport Pick Up Signs

This kind guy offered to pick their friend up from the airport on Christmas eve. 

We wonder how mom reacted to this sign! 

Let’s hope that only one guy came forward! 

This is adorable. We hope that the first meeting between father and daughter was magical. 

Sending your boyfriend to pick up your best friend from the airport (they haven’t met yet)! 

We bet the look on Anna’s face upon seeing this was just priceless! 

We love the dedication here. Epic! 

This dad clearly has an awesome sense of humor.

What a wonderful sight to behold after a flight! 

How to embarrass and flatter your wife in front of her coworkers and boss! 

This has got to be in our top 3 favorites! 

Imagine getting off of a plane and seeing a huge cut out of yourself staring back at you! 

Ultimate troll skills. Taken at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. 

This guy likes to prank his straight friends.