Talented Hair Colorist Ksenia Transforms Ordinary Locks Into Beautiful Multi-Colored Hair

Thinking of getting a new hairdo? Well, you might want to ditch your trusty hair dye box this time around. Forget about monotone shades or even ombre colors because rainbow hair is in! Brace yourself for a visual feast of colors because this hairstylist’s stunning works will prove that life’s indeed too short to have boring hair.

Based in Moscow, Ksenia Kisavna is a self-taught stylist and colorist who takes pride in transforming her clients’ ordinary locks into radiant crowning glories. Unlike typical stylists, Kisavna often looks past hairstyle trends and turns to nature instead for inspiration. Judging by her works, it’s safe to say that her coloring style is highly influenced by vibrant light spectrums. Combining complementing hues of blue, green, purple, pink, and yellow, the result is a satisfying gradient rendered on every strand.








Ksenia Kisavna’s cosmic rainbow hair creations will convince you that life’s too short to have boring hair

Kisavna started exploring this technique back in 2017 when gradient and holographic hairstyles were beginning to make waves in the beauty industry. At the time, her clients mostly consisted of family members and friends. Now, she’s one of the top stylists at Cosmos Hair Lab in Moscow. Plus, she has even made a name for herself with her signature #GlitchHair style. And with over 57K followers on Instagram, her cosmic hair creations have undeniably reached Russia and beyond.











She’s also part of the Top 25 finalists under the “Unconventional Color Shot” category of the 2021 One Shot Hair Awards. Keep an eye on her Instagram page to see if she makes the cut and to see more of her stunning works.

Source: Ksenia Kisavna