40 Hilarious Comebacks That Shut People Down Straight Away

How do you debunk a stupid comment or misinformation that you come across on social media? Well, let these people teach you how to make epic comebacks and win arguments online like a boss. People can say anything they want on social media. That’s why most of the time, someone’s comment or opinion posted online becomes a cause for arguments or disagreements.

How many times have you been taken aback by some nonsensical posts on the internet? Well, all platforms of social media have plenty of silly comments that can either infuriate you or make you chuckle. Sometimes, the stupidity is just too much that you can’t help but rebut their claims to expose their folly. And there’s always that very satisfying feeling each time you put those comments down.


The Funniest And Most Savage Comebacks On Social Media

So, it’s no secret that a lot has happened this year. Amid the pandemic and calamities we’re currently facing, some people still won’t stop blabbering nonsense on social media. There’s the group of anti-maskers who thinks that the mandatory wearing of face masks is a violation of their freedom and constitutional rights. Not to mention those close-minded anti-vaxxers who would rather put their kids’ life at risk than to break their ideals.


“I’m Gonna Take The Surgeon’s Side On This One”


“Disabled Parking Should Only Be Valid During Business Hours 9 To 5”


“Now Sit Your A** Down, Stefan.”

If you frequent the political side of social media, you are likely to see arguments and heated debates with people online. But, this is to be expected because people have their own political parties to defend and support. Thanks to social media, the internet is now the number one debate chamber in the world.

Since everyone has their own take on current events, politics, or whatever topics are presented before them, there will always be clashes between opposing opinions. People sharing their thoughts, people making notorious comebacks and brutal clapbacks, the internet indeed has become an exciting place for onlookers who enjoy seeing people fight each other.


People Who Gave The Greatest Clapbacks


“Apparently, It’s Impossible For Women To Be Smart And Beautiful At The Same Time”


“The Fact That He Never Removed The Post Surprises Me”

If you’re in need of some clever put-downs and comebacks, the subreddit Murd By Words is the place for you. The online community features a vast collection of the funniest counter-arguments gathered from various social media platforms. So, the next time you spill your thoughts on the internet, make sure that you’re making sense. Or you’ll end up becoming the laughingstock when someone points out that you’re in the wrong. Let’s take a look at some more savage responses.


Lesson Learned


“Murdered By Kindness”


“It’s Never Just About A Cake”


“Just Pulled The Lever To The Verbal Guillotine”


“Mmm Spicy”


“On A Comment Thread About UPS And USPS Workers”


“Wise Advice!”


“Cut The Sh*t Lady. You Chose The Bathroom.”


“I Love Arnold’s Wholesome Murders”


“If He Were Here He’d Consume These Morons With Fireballs From His Eyes And Bolts Of Lightning From His Arse”


“Yellow Tape Around Her Body It’s A F*****g Homicide”


Someone’s Lying…


“The Ramsays Has The Best Insults”


“Don’t Defend Corporations, They Will Not Return The Favor”


“Murdered By The Word Of God.”


“That’s Just How It Is Though, Isn’t It?”


“Very Strange, Indeed”


“Your ‘Logic’ Deserves A Slap In The Face”


“Taken To School.”


“Murdered By Laws”


“A Better Headline”


“Short And To The Point”


“Murdered By Numbers?”


“Maybe Not The First, But Definitely The Most Famous”


“Does It Make Sense For You Now?”


“Ain’t No Right Way”


Anti-Masker On The Loose


“I Lol’d Hard”


“Holy Hell! Call The Morgue”


“That Moment When An Anti-Vaxx Mom Is Called Out On Facebook By Her Son’s Pediatric Nurse”


“Video Games Cause Violence”


“We The People”


“Why Do Old People Insist On Doing This?”


“Murdered With One Word Almost 3 Years Later”


“Due For Some Good Luck Eventually”


“Someone On The Walmart Social Media Team Has Had Enough Of COVIDiots”


“This Chick Spews The Most Outrageous Stuff”


“Does He Intentionally Try To Be This Creepy?”

Source: Reddit