Heartwarming Images Of People Doing Things For The First Time

There’s a first time for everything. Many of us remember milestones in life such as learning how to ride a bike or going on our first vacation without our parents. What many of us don’t have is a photographic record of these events. With the popularity of smartphones, it’s now common to take photos to document our lives, especially when we try something new. Luckily for the people in these images, their first times at trying new things are frozen forever for us to enjoy. Take a look, and let us know your favorite heartwarming photo in the comments!

He’s getting his first ever glimpse of his baby.

These two Saudi men caught looking out the window of a plane for the first time.

This guy finally managing to hold a book in his right hand.

An image that beautifully captures this elderly lady’s first trip to the ocean.

This couple waited so many years to visit the U.S. Here they are looking very happy!

Mom has never owned a glass door oven before. We bet she enjoys hours of fun sitting there staring!

She’s wearing her furry cat ears to meet this kitty for the first time!

When they met as adults, the two youngsters pictured here had no idea they’d met years ago as children when their moms were best friends. Who knew they’d go on to get married?!

These kids loved seeing and touching red hair for the first time.

100 years old and just loving her first motorcycle ride!

She really enjoyed her trip to Hawaii!

VR gaming is right up this 96-year-old lady’s street!

Holding a cat for the first time made this blind man so joyous.

He’s learning to stand after being wheelchair bound.

So many of these heartwarming images put what really matters into perspective. Life isn’t about how much you have. It’s about what you do with your time. From the soldier returning from service to meet his baby to the blind man who is enjoying touching the thick fluffy coat of a cat for the first time, these photos remind us that happiness is in the little things that many of us take for granted. Keep scrolling to see more moving images of people enjoying experiences for the first time.

Her artwork took just 30 minutes to complete when she had her first go on an iPad.

These little girls loved seeing their new baby brother.

A Haitian girl enjoying seeing snow for the first time.

This is the first time this little girl ever managed to stand up straight.

Two online friends with Aspergers finally met in person after five years.

A boy watching TV in a store window for the first time ever in 1948.

A little African baby reacting at seeing a white person.

Team Rwanda seeing snow for the first time ever.

This mom is making up for lost time after not drinking much for ten years!

This one guy took a photo of his first time seeing the end of a rainbow.

The resemblance between these cousins meeting for the first time is uncanny.

A brother meeting his little sister.

A baby is seeing her first ever dog. We wonder what she’s thinking!

We love how happy this baby girl looks when seeing a beautiful ballerina for the first time ever!