You Can Get Wall-Mounted Cabinets For Your TV That Turn It Into A Giant Nintendo Switch

What could possibly be better than a Nintendo Switch? A life-size one, of course! Sounds exciting, right? Well, in case you haven’t heard, there are wall-mounted cabinets that look just like the Joy-Cons of your favorite game console. And the best part? You can actually install them on the sides of your TV, so you can have a giant Switch at home. Now, that’s what we call the ultimate gaming experience!

Sure, nothing beats playing your favorite games like Mario Kart or Legend of Zelda with your Switch held in your hands. But admit it, connecting your console to your TV just makes everything a whole lot fun! If you agree with us, then you’ve probably got your own dock set by now. So, that gives you another reason to want these cabinets even more.

Nerdvana Nintendo Switch Wall-mounted Cabinets


Nerdvana Nintendo Switch Wall-mounted Cabinets Sideview

Luckily, you can get a set of these cabinets from the Etsy store MorsbaneGoods. The shop offers Joy-Con-inspired cabinets that can fit TV units ranging from 30 inches up to 60 inches. Nonetheless, you can still drop the seller a message should you have a TV that’s over 60 inches for a custom quote. Do note that prices vary depending on the size of your TV. You can also customize the colors for each cabinet, so they won’t necessarily come in just blue and red colors.

MorsbaneGoods Wall-mounted Nintendo Switch Cabinets

Just like normal Joy-Cons, the cabinets come in pairs, with buttons on them, even. One goes on the left side of your TV while the other one goes on the right. Each cabinet has hinges that allow you to open the front case, revealing a 3-tier shelf inside. This makes the perfect spot to store your actual Switch Joy-Cons, video games, amiibo figures, books, and more. The cabinets come complete and ready to mount, with included mounting hardware. That said, you can instantly install them next to your TV and enjoy your larger than life game console.

MorsbaneGoods Custom-made Wall-mounted Cabinets

However, if you’re not willing to shell out a fortune for these life-size Nintendo Switch cabinets, don’t worry because there’s always another way. And by that, we mean building them on your own. Fortunately, we’ve found tons of tutorials online on how to create your own giant Switch cabinets. There’s one from YouTuber Chris Salomone and another one from Wix user suprman9. So, if you prefer DIY-ing than buying, feel free to check out their tutorials instead.

Chris Salomone Nintendo Switch TV Cabinets
Chris Salomone


Nerdvana Game Room

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