The ‘Soul Seat’ Is An Office Chair That Lets You Sit In Many Different Positions Like Cross-Legged For Example

Among the major drawbacks of the glitz and glamor of working in an office is sitting for long hours. Luckily, gone are the days when office chairs used to be boring and uncomfortable to sit on. From dinosaur office chairs to office nap chairs, here comes the Soul Seat. This innovative office chair allows you to sit with your legs crossed.

It features two different levels—a perch for your butt and a lower platform for your legs and feet. Both levels are adjustable to suit your preference and workspace. You can raise the perch up to 8″ high from the lower platform. Likewise, you can adjust the height of the lower platform from 15″ up to 20″.

Ergonomic Office Chairs for Cross-legged Sitting


Bamboo Soul Seat in Marine Pendleton Wool Amber


Ergonomic Office Chairs at Work


Soul Seat in Marine Primera Front

In addition, it comes in two size variants to accommodate different body heights. The Standard size features a lower platform that measures 25″ wide. That said, it’s suitable for people who stand 5’9″ tall and below. On the other hand, the Large size comes with a 31″ wide lower platform. So, it’s ideal for those taller than 5’9″ or for those who simply prefer additional legroom.

Black Soul Seat Office Chair Perch and Lower Platform


Soul Seat in Black Primera


Soul Seat in Marine Primera

Unlike traditional office chairs, this one doesn’t come with a backrest and armrests. So, you’re free to sit on it in a variety of positions. Be it with your legs crossed, one leg up or whatever position you deem comfortable to sit in.

This makes sitting in front of the computer and working long hours more bearable and more relaxed. What’s more, is that it’s not just simply for home and office use. In fact, it’s also perfect for yoga centers and other fitness facilities.

Office Chair for Ergonomic Sitting Positions


Office Chair for Different Sitting Positions


Yoga Chair


The Soul Seat features an ergonomic design that allows various sitting positions

Ergonomic Office Chair


Office Chair for Various Sitting Positions


Office Chair for Cross-legged Sitting


Office Chair for Multiple Sitting Positions

Equipped with a 5-leg stainless steel swivel base, this unique chair weighs 25 lbs. (11.4 kg), with a weight limit of 325 lbs. It comes in two upholstery variants—Primera or polyurethane and Pendleton wool. The Primera variant comes in four different colorways including black, chalk, merlot and blueprint.

Soul Seat in Merlot Primera


Soul Seat in Chalk Primera

On the other hand, the Pendleton wool variant comes in grey, doe and marine colors. There’s also a high-end version that comes with 4 bamboo legs.

Bamboo Soul Seat in Doe Pendleton Wool Amber


Bamboo Soul Seat in Merlot Primera Wheat


Bamboo Soul Seat in Grey Pendleton Wool Amber


Office Chair for Sitting with Crossed Legs


Bamboo Soul Seat in Grey Pendleton Wool Natural


Watch this video to see how the unique office chair can transform your daily workday

You can visit their website to learn more about these ergonomic chairs.

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