People Have Been Cutting The Heads Off Angel Cookie Cutters To Create Baby Yoda Cookies

The holiday season is upon us and people are scrambling for last-minute ways of personalizing their holiday spreads and set-ups. In the weeks leading up to the festive season, The Mandalorian premiered and one character in particular captured the Internet’s attention. Fondly dubbed as ‘baby Yoda’, the youthful look-a-like of the legendary Jedi Master is the latest pop culture character to become a viral meme. Consequently, the merchandise and crafts inspired by the character have also emerged. In light of this, a creative baker based in Washington figured a baking hack to make baby Yoda cookies.

Katy Atakturk (@atakturk) shared her genius cookie hack on Instagram, saying, “When you chop off the head of an angel cookie cutter it sorta looks like Baby Yoda!” The amateur baker, who also describes herself as a dog enthusiast and passionate geologist, shared her idea to world on December 12. Since then, her hack, just like the character it was inspired by, has broken the internet.

baby yoda cookie with gift and hammer cookies


iced baby yoda cookie


Add an adorkable touch to your holiday spread with these too-cute-to-eat Baby Yoda cookies

removing the angel head to form baby yoda


tray of unbaked baby yoda cookies

Baking is no easy feat. Every successful batch is a triumph, especially for us non-professional bakers! This Baby Yoda-inspired cookie is surprisingly easy to make, despite its rather detailed appearance. Atakturk used sugar cookie dough as her base. Sugar cookie dough is favorable for bakers intending to pipe some decorative elements on their cookie since it bakes flat.

To get the baby Yoda silhouette, Atakturk performed surgery on the angel-shaped cookies. After that, she then did some minor adjustments to fully transform the cookie dough into the lovable character we just can’t get enough of.

outlined baby yoda cookie

The baby Yoda-shaped cookies then go into the oven to bake. Afterwards, the crafty Katy decorated the cookies using royal icing. Royal icing is made with dried or pasteurized egg whites, powdered sugar, and food coloring. She used this icing to bring the baby Yoda cookies to life. To complete the cookie, she used a pair of black nonpareils or sugar pearls, for the eyes.


Baby Yoda fans immediately tried to the cookie hack

Baby Yoda Cookies next to orange-bearded cookies


baby yoda cookies with christmas tree-shaped cookies



iteration of baby yoda cookie



baby yoda cookie bunch with santa hat



an army of baby yoda cookies


The cookies inspired by the character got a lot of people buzzing

what would you do for baby yoda cookies


this is what makes america great


positive outcome


my son discovered this himself today


i already have a yoda in my nativity scene


and with each cookie another angel lost its head


concern for the discarded angel heads


creative that is


eat many of these