These Dracula Orchids Look Like Cute And Sometimes Angry Monkey Faces

Nature is unrivaled by its capacity to create bizarre yet beautiful things. The Dracula orchid, for one, is a stunning example of that feat. This rare orchid stands out from every other gorgeous bloom thanks to the monkey face it seemingly carries at the center of every blossom. So if you’re already thinking about what you’re going to gift your orchid-obsessed Mom (or aunt, or grandmother or lady friend) this year, you may have found it.

There are approximately 90 of these orchids currently recognized by the American Orchid Society. Most of which are found in moist forests in western Colombia and Ecuador. Each variety differs in some way, with some having a more recognizable monkey face than the others. Despite this, they all still maintain a rather standard look. AOS further wrote that

“These small-to-medium epiphytes have very unusual, somewhat otherworldly flowers, at least in the eyes of Carlyle Luer, who established the genus in 1978 and named it after the Latin word for ‘Dragon’.”


The Dracula Orchid has a monkey-like face at the center of its flowers

While you may be a bit disappointed that this plant wasn’t discovered in an actual vampire’s garden, there’s no need to despair. This rare, monkey-faced orchid’s got some pretty magical properties. We all know that orchids are pretty tricky plants to deal with. You need a green thumb and lots of time to properly grow them. That’s why they make popular additions to any retiree’s garden. And this striking rare type is sure to become any garden’s crowning treasure.


Care for this orchid the right way

This particular orchid’s flower stems tend to grow downward. So it’s best if you plant it in a plastic mesh basket. Placing it in such a container will help increase the airflow to the plant’s roots. And since there’s more airflow, its roots will naturally dry out quicker than its other counterparts. You shouldn’t let its roots dry out, since the Dracula has no way of storing water. These orchids can die in matter of hours if its roots are totally dry.


On another note, you won’t need to worry about over-watering your Dracula. They like being watered! So you’ll need to hydrate it regularly to help it grow and develop its startlingly stunning flowers. But if you’re living in a pretty humid place, then you won’t have to keep watering it. It’s also recommended that you use Sphagnum moss on the orchid, as it can help retain some moisture for the plant for longer. This particular orchid is commonly found in shady forests. So, you should also make sure that the sun doesn’t scorch the Dracula too much. You can get the seeds over at Amazon.