Fulvio Obregon Draws Celebrities With Their Younger Selves


Aging is one of those facts of life that nobody's really fond of, but we can't do anything about. The thing about celebrities is that sometimes they're in the public eye for a large chunk of their lives, so they can be seen aging in real time. Columbian artist Fulvio Obregon has contemplated this and has come up with a series of drawings titled 'Me and My Other', in which celebrities are pictured as they are today (or, in some cases, as they were when they died) standing next to their younger selves. We're not sure exactly what Fulvio was trying to say with this series, but some of these pieces are really quite moving, as you see how the boy or youth has become the old man. Take a look!
Website: Fulvio Obregon on Behance









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