Things Hilariously Fixed By Natural Born Engineers

It’s always a pain when something gets damaged or breaks. Particularly if a pricey fix or replacement is needed. Where possible, many of us will try to do the work ourselves removing labor costs, and we might even get a bit creative and repair something in a non-traditional way. However, most of us know what the sensible limits are. Notice that we said ‘most’ of us! Here we have a list of things that were hilariously fixed by natural born engineers. Some of them are borderline genius, whereas others are huge fails. Take a look and make your judgements! 

Those hairbrushes with mirrors on the back make for great (temporary) wing mirror replacements! 

This ‘fix’ doesn’t fill us with a huge amount of confidence… 

This raises a lot of questions. However, we would prefer cling film shoes on our feet over being bare foot!

When a control knob breaks, there’s an easy solution! 

Sick of your books getting damaged in the bath? Here’s a great tip! 

Busted headlight replacement…

Wow. We have never seen anyone do something like this before! 

Holes like this aren’t problems, they are opportunities… 

Car dents and scratches don’t always have to be a costly repair! 

This may seem ridiculous but it actually works! 

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