Women Reveal The Craziest Ways They Tried To Catch Their Partners Cheating

For many different reasons (some justified and others not justified), there are many people out there who suspect their partners are being unfaithful. Of course, this feeling is never a nice one to experience. Therefore, some people choose to take matters into their own hands by investigating. Here we have a list of women revealing the craziest ways that they tried to catch their partners cheating. Take a look and see what you think!
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Not the only one, but this isn’t exactly the norm…

This reminds us of one of those “there’s good news and there’s bad news” situations… 

Wow. We can imagine the sinking heart feeling that came along with this.

When nothing materializes, you can end up feeling pretty silly, guilty and ashamed of yourself. 

It sounds like this person isn’t finished with their snooping yet… 

Although this screams guilty to some people, others simply believe that asking for such a thing proves that there is no trust, so they have no desire to make the other person feel better. 

It sucks when your suspicions are proved to be true. 

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Let’s hope that he wasn’t cheating and that the baby grew up in a stable environment!

Well, this is one way of finding out the truth that’s pretty effective… 

We certainly weren’t expecting that ending…

Sometimes our emotions give too much away. 

Hopefully this person learned to trust. 

Ouch. This is never a fun situation to be in! 

If he’s not, and someone spots the girl on there, this could really backfire.