Awesome Fashion Hacks Women Everywhere Will Appreciate

With the busy lives that we lead, it’s not always easy to look our best 100 per cent of the time. In fact, that’s pretty much impossible! Still, you’ll be pleased to know that the trusty Internet keeps on providing us with a range of innovative and creative solutions for common fashion problems! Put these 11 amazing fashion hacks to use and you’ll not only look tip top, but you’ll also save time and money! Take a look!

Use a pumice to remove ‘pilling’ from sweaters!

To break in a leather jacket, wear it in the rain!

For the softest feeling t-shirts, follow these instructions…

Hand sanitizer will remove stains from clothing. Simply rub in and wash out!

Shaving cream gets rid of liquid makeup stains.

Need to take a pair of jeans up in a hurry? Use iron-on hemming tape, it’s quick and easy!

Do you have a button up shirt that’s just too big? Wear it like the girl on the right. An instant fashion upgrade!

Preserve new tights by spraying them lightly with hairspray.

Banish that musty smell from your vintage finds with a spray of vodka!

If your pants are a bit tight, avoid the dryer! While they’re air drying, stretch them a little at the waist. It really works!

You can easily fix any stuck zippers by rubbing the zip with Vaseline, a graphite pencil tip or crayon wax… and simply slide as usual!

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