Goodbye Chocolate Milk, Oreo Drink Mix Has Arrived

Attention, Oreo-holics! You can now pair your favorite chocolate creme sandwich cookie with a cold glass of milk with the brand new Oreo Drink Mix! Yes, you read that right. You can now drink your favorite sandwich cookie. At this point, Oreo’s basically running in our veins. And we absolutely have no objections. In fact, we are rejoicing!

The release of this super chocolate-y drink mix follows the announcement of the Most Stuf Oreo‘s return this winter. With these two items hitting the shelves this season, we’re basically being set up for the yummiest holiday season ever!

The is unlike any chocolate milk you’ve ever had in your life.

oreo drink mix

The is a fun upgrade from the chocolate powder that was released last year. This year’s mix contains real Oreo cookie crumble, so you get an authentic taste of your favorite cookie treat. All you have to do is stir it with a glass of cold milk! The back of the mix’s container, describes it as:

“Who doesn’t love dunking an Oreo cookie in a big glass of cold, refreshing milk? Now you can enjoy the flavor of this classic combination with Oreo Drink Mix.”

Each 16-ounce container mixes up to 32 servings of the lip-smacking drink. It’s a pretty good deal if your self-control is impeccable because you’re getting more than a month’s worth of chocolate milk. But if you’re anything like us, this baby’s going to last a week or two at most.

This retails for under $5, so there’s really no sensible reason for you to not get one. You can find this extraordinary drink mix at the shelves of Food Lion, Hy-Vee, Southeastern Grocers, Albertsons, and Woodman’s Markets. However, if you’re super busy and have no time to swoop by your local grocery store, you can order the drink mix here! It seems like Santa’s tall glass of milk is getting a super special upgrade this year!